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The intimate pages of this book outline a path down the road of sexual communication and education.

It addresses sensitive issues such as consent as well as erotic ones such as female pleasure.

Sexual discovery, like our desires, is never-ending.

Research area

The basic meaning of sex education, consent, safe sex.

Debunking sexual myths and exploring the different types of birth controls available.





3 weeks


15 years +

Specifically teenagers exploring

in their peak years

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"Everyone deserves quality sex education"

Layout explorations

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Style Guide

MinionPro for body text


  • In order to keep the book gender neutral and make it easier for the reader to relate to,

        this specific human form has been used.

  • Teenage minds are incredibly malleable, as demonstrated by the usage of fluid lines.

  • The colour blue was selected to foster connection and establish trust.

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Final layouts

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