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An engaging platform that creates and generates tailored bedtime stories for toddlers with unique storylines customized to each child's preferences, ensuring an  enchanting bedtime experience.

Problem at hand

Lack of time for parents

Lack of accessible regional content

Lack of an effective sleep solution



Product design



12 weeks


Parents as buyers

Children as users

Research areas

Collection of Stories

Various areas of storytelling were explored.

Collecting stories from Indian classics like The Panchatantra (5 books) and regional stories and government archives from all over India.

Understanding Parenting

To better understand the parents' opinions on the relevance of storytelling and bedtime stories, a variety of information was gathered to empathise with them.

Early Childhood Development

Studied the process of child development, understood the child’s ability to process information and the new age of storytelling.

Exploring AI

Understanding how a bot is trained and how to make functions according to the context.
An area of integrations using Zapier was also explored

User Persona - Parents

User Persona - Children

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Frame 1914.png

User journey map - Parents

User journey map - Children

Mood throughout the day children.png
Mood throughout the day at home parents.png
Mood throughout the day wokring parents.png

Drawings by Children

Drawings by kids_Page_23_Image_0001.jpg
Drawings by kids_Page_14_Image_0001.jpg
Drawings by kids_Page_01_Image_0001.jpg
Drawings by kids_Page_24_Image_0001.jpg

Problem statement

“Providing a helping hand to parents that effortlessly aids in curating and generating regional bedtime stories for their children which effectively provides a desirable approach to relax the child”

Helping hand - Generating - 
Curating - Stories - Relax


1. Platform design

A platform known to curate and generate a wide range of stories using AI for toddlers to engage

with and use as storytelling tools

by parents.

2. Print design

A texture based book for parents to give or use with their child to relax and distract them, filled with stories and interactive elements having its ultimate goal to help the parent in calming their child.

3. Product design

Develop a product that acts as a bedtime storyteller accomplice, assisting parents in creating personalized and interactive stories to enhance communication and promote restful sleep for children.

Designing the product

Core functions

1. Curation and generation

2. Storage
3. Life (efficiency)
4. Help
5. Voice input and output
6. Interoperability

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Character design

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Frame 2038.png
Drawings by kids_Page_23_Image_0001.jpg
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Frame 1897.png
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Frame 1897.png
Frame 1897.png


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Frame 1901.png
Frame 1901.png

Final interface and guide

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Onboarding prototype.gif
Explore prototype.gif
Bluetooth prototype.gif
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